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Winter’s Kiss

Snow is falling, all around, including on top of our delicious little recipe for our 3 of Hearts. Contrasting the spices in the hearts blend with some sharp cranberry juice which gives us the perfect colouring to sprinkle our garnish of various types of coconut on top. If these ingredients feel a little at odds, just add in the rosemary and you have the most surprising results of any of our cocktails, but a very very pleasant surprise none the less. The result is not only a stunning looking cocktail for any time of year, but especially Christmas, and then when one tastes the rollercoaster of flavours jumping out across the palate as the spices of Hearts blend, the savoury rosemary and the sharpness of cranberry all compete and compliment one another, it will be the Christmas present you didn’t know you were getting!

recipe ingredients & method


  • Hearts (60ml Sapiir / 30ml Gin)
  • 30 ml cranberry
  • 15 ml rosemary sugar syrup
  • Four drops of bitters


  1. Add Aces, cranberry and rosemary syrup to shaker
  2. Shake well.

Our Pick for this recipe

Hearts Blend

Hearts blend is warm and rich on the palate. Leading with a perfect balance of cassia bark (cinnamon), cacao nibs, orange, and clove, with star anise, native wattleseed, and juniper.

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