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learn more about our corporate experiences

Taste the difference with our corporate experiences

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We love to make everyone welcome and enjoy assisting others in creating a welcoming environment while we focus on distilling gin.

Your corporate team can learn from us and see how we work. They can have a shared experience with us. We offer various options for team building, including cocktail making classes, distillery tours, and distilling classes. It's not just about drinks and cocktails.

3 ways we make everyone welcome

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    At your place

    Let us bring our team to your team with options for both indoor and outdoor events.

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    At our place

    Come to our distillery and choose between our 50-seat cocktail lounge or 20-seat private dining area for you and your group.

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    Wrapped up in a boW

    Show your appreciation with our personalised gifts, including a one-of-a-kind gin experience from our distillery.

Shuffle up and deal some corporate gifts with bows on

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At Brunswick Aces we embrace building relationships, expressing gratitude and creating positive associations. Giving gifts is a good way to create these feelings. Making sure the gifts represent these values is the best way to do it. We strive to ensure our products are not only delicious but beautifully packaged and functional as well.

You can choose between a bottle with a jigger in the cap or something more fancy. For example, you can opt for a personalised bottle or a custom blend with your branding. Reach out to us and see how we provide the ultimate gin experience for all your team members.

Pull a rabbit out of your hat and let us appear at your place

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Stressing about how to make your next corporate event? Don't bother, let us come and help you liven things up with cocktails and a little card magic to boot.

We can easily set up our wooden bar in any office or room to enhance fun team building activities. It is suitable for indoor events. These events include gin masterclasses and more with an award winning Gin for a common goal driven team, building trust and increasing communication skills.

Gin distillery near me? A full size Gin truck trailer that we can wheel in for outdoor events, the gin distillery at your place. No need to move or go anywhere.

Set up and provide a centerpiece to sling cocktails from for any type of event. Get in touch for more information about how we can tailor a solution for you and your team.

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Shaken or stirred, elevate your Corporate Events at our place

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Need to exit the office? Have a unique evening or team building event at our place. Learn about distilling, blending, and mixing tasty drinks, a true team building exercise for a good time or a special occasion.

Let us host your next corporate event, enhance your team working in small groups or large groups. Whether you want the team to make their own drinks and classic cocktail or just relax in our fancy cocktail lounge. Choose from these options:

- 50 seat cocktail lounge

- 20 seat private dining area

- 12 seat baroque board room

Get in touch to understand more about these packages and tailor something for your team.


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