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Love Tonic

Love is a complex game of to and fro, but when it’s right it’s right, and often that comes with those little extras and surprises you didn’t know you were getting. Which is why our 2 of Hearts wasn’t simply named a Hearts and Tonic like the rest, becuase our Hearts blend has that wonderful element of being different and surprising. Initially it looks and feels like a classic Gin & Tonic, clear, on ice, fragrant from it’s botanicals and bitter from it’s Juniper, but as the flavour develops the array of spices evolves and leads to quite the surprising and enjoyable experience, much like that first kiss from a one true love.

recipe ingredients & method


  • Hearts (30ml Sapiir / 30ml Gin)
  • 105ml Tonic with Sapiir
  • 120ml Tonic with Gin


  1. Pour Aces over ice.
  2. Top with tonic water.

Our Pick for this recipe

Hearts Blend

Hearts blend is warm and rich on the palate. Leading with a perfect balance of cassia bark (cinnamon), cacao nibs, orange, and clove, with star anise, native wattleseed, and juniper.

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