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Diamonds & Tonic

Diamonds & Tonic, it says everything right there on the front. This is the cleanest representation of our distillery that you can get. We painstakingly distill every botanical ingredient individually, both with and without alocohol, blending them perfectly every time to ensure consistnecy and quality. While these blends can be used to make some of the most delicious cocktails in this deck, if you want to see the pure result of that process this is the best recipe to do that. Our Diamonds blend is a citrus forward profile, but regardless, the balance and elegance of the combination cannot be denied and if you are to start anywhere, we suggest it’s here.

recipe ingredients & method


  • Diamonds (30ml Sapiir / 30ml Gin)
  • 105ml Tonic with Sapiir 120ml Tonic with Gin


  1. Pour Aces over ice.
  2. Top with tonic water.

Our Pick for this recipe

Diamonds Blend

Diamonds blend is zesty and floral, leading with notes of native desert lime and lemon, it is perfectly balanced by savoury sage and juniper, with angelica root rounding out the palate.

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