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Everything you need to know about alcohol free wine

Everything you need to know about alcohol free wine

Whether you’ve been sober for a while, have given up wine to focus on self-care, or are simply taking a break from the booze, figuring out the world of non-alcoholic wine can be confusing. Can I still get a good non-alcoholic chardonnay? Does alcohol-free pinot noir still go well with brie? Don’t worry, the experts in non-alcoholic at Brunswick Aces have put together a little cheat sheet on alcohol free wine in Australia so you can understand more about them as you choose. 

Whether you're a fan of sparkling wine, champagne, white, rosé, or red; if you're looking for the perfect non-alcoholic wine pairing for a dinner party or picnic, there is an option to suit your palate. 

Isn’t alcohol free wine just grape juice? 

When you open a bottle of alcohol free wine, the first thing you’ll likely notice is how the nose is just like that of an alcoholic wine. This is because all wines (with or without alcohol) actually start out the same way: grapes are first fermented and made into an alcoholic product. From there, non-alcoholic wines go through a de-alcoholisation process. Because of this, alcohol free wines may actually contain up to 0.5% ABV -  the same as kombucha, some fruit juices, and even an over ripe banana. 

Is all non-alcoholic wine sweet? 

The short answer is no. There are a range of alcohol free wines in Australia that are available, and they can range from super sweet to a more balanced profile. It all comes down to the type of grape used and the production process. The most common de-alcoholisation process is done via spinning cone. This process removes the alcohol by spinning it at high speeds which separates the alcohol from the rest of the liquid. Alcohol is what makes wine feel like wine in the mouth, giving it that viscosity which coats the mouth, creating a heavy sensation or texture. Once the alcohol is removed this traditional sensation needs to be replaced. To do this, some producers use sugar or grape juice, while others use botanicals and other natural flavours to closely replicate the desired variety, such as a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay. 

Is non alcoholic wine healthy?

While alcohol free wine does contain calories, it contains considerably less than its alcoholic counterpoint. 100 ml of non alcoholic wine will usually contain under 15 calories, compared to the same amount of standard wine which contains closer to 80 calories or more. Why the difference? Most of the calories in wine come from the alcohol. So take the alcohol out and you’ve seriously reduced your calorie intake. Then consider the negative effects that alcohol has on your body, of which there are many. By simply reducing your alcohol and calorie consumption over the course of an evening, alcohol free wine definitely comes in as a healthier option. Some alcohol free wines also contain antioxidants, further boosting them as a good choice for a healthy lifestyle.

If you have any concerns or dietary requirements, have a look at the nutritional info on the bottle and make the choice that’s right for you!

Can I get vegan non-alcoholic wine?

You sure can. Even though animal products are often used to remove impurities or sediment from wine in a process called fining, some wineries use vegan friendly fining agents. Be sure to look for a wine that’s labelled vegan, and if in doubt, select an unfined or unfiltered wine. 

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What about Halal wines? 

Halal-certified wines and wine alternatives have had the alcohol removed in an acceptable way, or been created without alcohol, according to the required standards set out by the Halal approval body.

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Are there sulphites in alcohol free wine? 

Just because a wine has had the alcohol removed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain sulphites. Produced as a by-product during the wine making process and often added as a preservative, sulphites can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If you have a sulphite sensitivity, a wine alternative might be a better option. 

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Does alcohol free wine cause hangovers? 

No! This is the most glorious thing about alcohol free wines available in Australia: they have all of the flavour and all of the fun, with none of the fallout! Hello alcohol free wine, goodbye hangovers!

The Brunswick Aces Family are huge wine fans, so we have tried nearly everything there is to offer in the non-alcoholic space, and we’re always looking out for new brands to bring to you. 

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