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Bubbles, fizz, sparkling, whatever you call it, it's always guaranteed to be found at a party or celebration. Brunswick Aces offers an exceptional array of non alcoholic Champagne alternatives, as well as non alcoholic Prosecco, and more. From dry and crisp, to sweet and sublime, you'll find it here.

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What is non-alcoholic sparkling wine?
Alcohol free sparkling wine, non alcoholic sparkling wine, or zero alcohol sparkling wine is exactly that, sparkling wine without the alcohol. Most zero alcoholic sparkling wines contain 0.5% abv and under, following a gentle alcohol removal process which doesn’t affect the flavour profiles. Non alcoholic sparkling wine is made in the same traditional way wine is, so you get all the same flavours and nuances from each different grape varietal, with some residual alcohol left over after this process. No more than a kombucha, fruit juice or over ripe banana.

Brunswick Aces has some delicious non alcoholic Champagne options for you to try. We also have a broad range of wines that contain 0.0% alcohol. Sparkling wines are our most popular range of alcohol free wines, and you can find everything from a sweet profile from Barton & Guestier, to a drier option like our best-selling Vinada.

What is the best non-alcoholic sparkling wine?
The best non-alcoholic sparkling wine is the one that tastes the best to you! At Brunswick Aces we have all profiles represented across the category, so there’s something for everyone. Are you looking for an alcohol free sparkling wine that tastes like a traditional french champagne? Vinada Airen Gold Sparkling is a great choice and could easily be mistaken for a traditional sparkling wine. It’s dry with plenty of bubbles and really delicious, and a great zero alcohol champagne flavour. A tasty option is the Songbird Sparkling Brut. It’s beautiful and crisp. For something in the style of a non alcoholic prosecco give Plus and Minus Blanc de Blanc a go. Nice and dry with citrus and apple notes and plenty of bubbles.  

And if you’re looking for something extra fun, why not try some non-alc pink bubbles such as the Vinada Sparkling Tempranillo Rose. We also stock some incredible sparkling wine alternatives, perfect for celebrating without a trigger. Altina and Tost are great options. 

Where can I buy non-alcoholic champagne?
The best place to buy non-alcoholic sparkling wine in Australia is here at Brunswick Aces. You can buy online, or in our bottle shop, and better yet, you can visit the bar and try a range of sparkling wines before you commit to a bottle or case. You can also get some advice from our team of experts who can guide you to the best alcohol free sparkling wines Australia has to offer.

Supermarkets and traditional bottle shops do have some zero alcohol wine ranges, but because they buy in bulk, they usually stock mainstream brands that aren’t always the best quality. By shopping with Brunswick Aces, you’ll be able to try new and different brands that you won’t find on the shelves of places like Dan Murphy’s and BWS. Brunswick Aces’ goal is to make everyone feel welcome at all occasions, so you’re sure to find a non-alcoholic sparkling wine suitable for all your needs.

Which sparkling wine has the least calories?
If you’re after a low calorie zero alcohol champagne, you’re in luck! Alcohol free sparkling wines and non-alc proseccos contain much fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts. This is because most of the calories in sparkling wine come from the alcohol. To be considered low calorie a beverage must contain no more than 19 calories per 100 ml. At Brunswick Aces we carry a large range of low calorie non-alcoholic sparkling wine, and what’s more, many of them are low sugar too! A couple good ones to try are the Sobriety Society Blanc de Blanc and the Lautus Sparkling Wine

Is non-alcoholic sparkling wine halal?
Some, but not all non-alcoholic sparkling wines and alcohol free Champagnes are Halal certified. The most common way of producing alcohol free wine in Australia is by first creating an alcoholic product and then removing the alcohol. While this dealcoholisation process removes almost all of the alcohol, the resulting non-alc sparkling wine can contain traces of alcohol (up to 0.5% abv), which is the same as kombucha or some fruit juices. For a sparkling wine to be considered Halal certified it must have had the alcohol removed in an acceptable way, or have been created without alcohol, according to the required standards set out by the Halal approval body. We stock the full Non range of wine alternatives which are Halal certified.

Can I drink non-alcoholic champagne while pregnant?
As alcohol free sparkling wine has had the alcohol removed it is considered safe to drink when pregnant or breastfeeding, but as with anything to do with your health and pregnancy, it’s worth checking with your GP. You can read more about wine and pregnancy in our blog, 6 Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic Wine During Pregnancy.