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If you're looking for something non alcoholic to sip while reading a book with your feet up, or need a wide variety for a party with friends and family, then our selection of light sparklings to deep reds, and wine alternatives has everything you need. Brands include Senorio de la Tautila, Vinada, Barton & Guestier, Noughty, Edenvale, Lautus and many more. 

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What is non alcoholic wine?
Alcohol free wine, non alcoholic wine, or zero alcohol wine is exactly that, wine without the alcohol. Most zero alcoholic wines contain 0.5% abv and under, following a gentle alcohol removal process which doesn’t affect the flavour profiles. Non alcoholic wine is made in the same traditional way wine is, so you get all the same flavours and nuances from each different grape varietal, with some residual alcohol left over after this process. No more than a kombucha, fruit juice or over ripe banana.

Brunswick Aces has some delicious options for you to buy, from alcohol free Riesling, non alcoholic Chardonnay and non alcoholic Champagne, to alcohol free Rosé, Cab Sav and Pinot Noir. We also have a range of wines that contain 0.0% alcohol. Sparkling wines are our most popular range of alcohol free wines and you can find everything from a sweet profile from Barton & Guestier, to a drier option like our best-selling Vinada.

What does non-alcoholic wine taste like?
Non-alcoholic wines taste just like their alcoholic counterparts. Due to the production process, everything from non alcoholic sparkling wine, to alcohol free pinot noir are made the same way, using the same high-quality grapes. If you’re after an alcohol free chardonnay then you have an array of quality options available from Songbird, Carl Jung and Vinada. If you prefer a sweeter wine then Barton & Guestier is a great option with notes of honey. Non-alcoholic wines are perfect for pairing with a meal, charcuterie board, or just good friends.

Which non-alcoholic wine is best?
The best non-alcoholic wine always comes down to personal preference and the grape varietal you like, however there are a few stand-out brands on the market that are definitely worth checking out. Vinada do a great range of sparkling wines, including a non-alcoholic chardonnay and alcohol free sparkling tempranillo rosé. Songbird is one of the best non alcoholic wines Australia produces, they have a great range including sparklng, chardonnay, rosé and cab sav. A favourite of the team is the Funky Monkey Pinot Grigio which is definitely worth a taste. The originals like Edenvale and McGuigan are worth trying as an introduction point, but there are many more high quality options out there suitable for all occasions. 

Is non-alcoholic wine healthy?
The benefits of going alcohol free are multifold, and by choosing non-alcoholic wine you are making a much healthier choice for your body and mind. Not only will you avoid the negative health impacts of alcohol, but alcohol free wine is also much lower in calories than traditional alcoholic wine, and many are low in sugar too.

Where can I buy non-alcoholic wine in Australia?
Not all alcohol free wines in Australia are created equal. So much depends on the quality of the grape and production process. At Brunswick Aces, we’ve carefully curated our range of non-alcoholic wines to include something for everyone without compromising quality or flavour. Our zero alcohol bottle shop is open online 24/7 or visit us at the bottle shop 6 days a week - Monday - Saturday. We are here to answer all your questions regarding alcohol free wine or wine alternatives to ensure you get the bottle that’s right for you.

What is the best non-alcoholic wine?
The best non-alcoholic wine is the one that tastes the best to you! At Brunswick Aces we have all profiles represented across each category, so there’s something for everyone. Are you looking for a crisp alcohol free pinot grigio? Try this one from Funky Monkey. Do you want a non-alcoholic sparkling wine that closely resembles a champagne? The Vinada Airen Gold Sparkling might be the one for you. Perhaps you’re after a full bodied AF red to accompany a beautiful meal? Try the Plus and Minus Shiraz. 

We also have some wonderful wine alternatives, great for those that want an alcohol free beverage that doesn’t taste like wine, but looks and tastes great from a wine glass.

As always, if you want to try before you buy, come visit us at Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar. We’re here to answer your questions and have a large selection of alcohol free wines available by the glass or by the bottle.

What non-alcoholic wine is low calorie?
Alcohol free wines containing no more than 19 calories per 100 g are considered low calorie. At Brunswick Aces we stock an amazing range of low calorie wines, some as low as 11 calories per 100ml such as Lautus Savvy White Wine, or this non alcoholic shiraz tempranillo from Sobriety Society, at just 13 calories per 100ml. Compare this to traditional wines containing alcohol - some have more than 80 calories per 100ml! By choosing an alcohol free wine you are significantly limiting your calorie intake, staying in control and making healthier choices.

Is non-alcoholic wine full of sugar?
All wine, both alcoholic and alcohol free, contains sugar. This is largely due to the sugar content of the grapes. There are many low sugar non-alcoholic wines on the market and we have an extensive range of the best alcohol free wines at Brunswick Aces. One amazing benefit of choosing non-alcoholic wine is that, unlike regular wine, in Australia alcohol free wine is clearly labeled with the nutritional information. This means that you can easily discern the sugar content of the non-alc wine you’re after. If you’re after low sugar non-alcoholic wine, try this alcohol-free sauvignon blanc from Giesen or this non-alcoholic tempranillo from Mataromerra Win.E.

Is non-alcoholic wine fattening?
All wine contains calories, but alcohol is the biggest contributor to these calories. Because alcohol-free wine has had the alcohol removed, so have most of these empty calories. In fact, non-alcoholic wine in Australia is much lower in calories than traditional wine. For a wine to be considered low calorie it must not contain more than 19 calories per 100ml. We have a large selection of low calorie wine, such as this delicious low calorie Chardonnay from Sobriety Society, coming in at just 14 calories per 100ml.

The other challenge people face when drinking alcohol is the loss of self control, so that extra sweet treat is easier to say no to which can result in additional calories being consumed alongside what you’re drinking. With non-alcoholic options you stay in complete control of your willpower.

Is Non-alcoholic wine Halal?
Some, but not all non-alcoholic wines are Halal certified. The most common way of producing alcohol free wine in Australia is by first creating an alcoholic product and then removing the alcohol. While this dealcoholisation process removes almost all of the alcohol, the resulting non-alc wine can contain up to 0.5% abv, which is the same as kombucha or some fruit juices. For a wine to be considered Halal certified it must have had the alcohol removed in an acceptable way, or have been created without alcohol, according to the required standards set out by the Halal approval body. Le Petit Chavin Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay and Non-Alcoholic Rose are both excellent choices of Halal-certified wines. We also carry the Non-Range of wine alternatives which are also Halal certified.

Is it safe to drink non-alcoholic wine while pregnant?
As alcohol free wine has the alcohol removed it is considered safe to drink, but as with anything to do with your health and pregnancy it is worth checking with your GP. You  can also read more about wine and pregnancy in our blog, 6 Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic Wine During Pregnancy.

Where can I buy non-alcoholic sparkling wine?
Brunswick Aces has a great range of non-alcoholic wines for you to try. Our experts in alcohol-free drinks at Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar have done extensive research into the best options for you.

Even though you can buy non-alcoholic wine in the supermarket, it isn’t necessarily the  best option for you. It’s usually mass produced and of questionable quality, more like a grape juice than a carefully crafted product made with high-quality grapes.

If you want to ensure you have the best experience trialing new products, then speak to our team, either online,  or in person at our bottle shop in Brunswick, Melbourne, and we can guide you through some options.

Brunswick Aces’ purpose is to make everyone feel welcome in all social situations, which is why we have put so much effort into curating our product lists so you only get the best options and advice.