Welcome to Brunswick Aces Bar, Australia's first non-alcoholic bar.

We can't wait for you to visit us and try our menu of non-alcoholic beers, wines, cocktails and mixed drinks, curated by our experts in non-alcoholic. 

Opening hours 3-11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Address: 124 Weston Street, Brunswick East, 3057

Children accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome at the bar between 3-6 pm. 

If you are looking to book for more than 8 people, please contact the team on hello@brunswickaces.com or call 0370679224

A card pre-authorisation will be taken for any booking, however, no money will be charged unless you cancel within 24 hours of the booking or do not show up to your booking. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the venue! 


With a combined 55 years in the global drinks and hospitality industry, our team are the experts when it comes to hosting a great event and what non-alcoholic drinks to serve. Whether in the bar, or at home, If you’re looking for recommendations on high quality non-alcoholic drinks, our team has you covered.

  • "Such an amazing experience! Vibrant and warm atmosphere, welcoming in all aspects. This place is blessed with a highly educated crew that is happy to answer all your questions."


  • "I ordered the sapiir online and it is absolutely delicious. I'm trying out being sober curious and this really gives me that feeling and ritual of having a drink, but absolute guilt free." 

    – Josh

  • "I highly recommend doing the tour/cocktail class with Stephen. He is very informative and you will learn a lot about they got started, the process of distilling their sapiir, as well as how to make a very fancy cocktail." 

    – Ashley

  • "Having an alcohol-free year and discovered these amazing non-alcholic gins, that I still can't quite believe have no alcohol in them. Definitely making a year off the booze much more enjoyable than I was expecting!" 


  • "After not drinking for 3 years this was an incredible realistic experience, tastes like real alcohol and made me feel like I could finally fit in again, absolutely adore this place!" 

    – Amy

  • "Great vibe with the plush bar chairs and gold frames on the wall. The bartenders are super friendly." 

    You Li

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