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The stunning stills you can see behind the bar when you visit, were designed and built by two of our co-founders, Stephen Lawrence & Dr Cameron Hunt. The design is specific to the unique production process developed in the garages of our founders 3 years ago, which have now been scaled up to produce the commercial quantities we now need. The stills are exclusively used to produce non-alcoholic sapiir and are the only units in the world to do so.
Visit during the day and you'll see the stills in action, producing our signature sapiir blends, Spades and Hearts. Our sapiir range is created by individually distilling a range of premium botanicals, each selected to provide a different aromatic element. When each of these have been distilled, they are then tasted and blended together by our founder, Dr Hunt. The result is a delicious blend of botanical elements, balanced across the front, middle and back palates to create a smooth and complex alternative to alcohol, perfect for cocktails and pre-mixed drinks.
Each Saturday we open up the distillery so you can come and learn about the production process, discover the origins of sapiir, learn how to taste and use them in drinks, before getting hands on at a cocktail. 
Limit of 10 people per session. Tickets cost $70 per person. 
Prior booking is required to access the venue for the distillery tour, no walk-ins accepted.