Our House of Cards

Brunswick Aces is run by a group of friends and neighbours, who all share a passion for inclusivity, good food and even better drinks.


Calling a Shovel a Spade

Stephen is passionate about community and craftsmanship, with a Masters Degree in Engineering, he designed and built all our stills that make our drinks. With that in place he now spends his time leading our customer experience.


Our Beating Heart

Diana is the stylish one of the pack, as well as a talent for taste and a degree in business. It's fair to say that this trio serves us well as she makes sure Brunswick Aces looks the part, tastes the part, and keeps the business running.


Dr Cam

The Essence of our Club

Cam loves all things food and drink, having spent many years behind the bar, he also holds a doctorate in neuroscience. Needless to say, this potent combination means he's our resident expert on all things distillation, R&D and cocktails.


The Ace in the Pack

Eric is a seasoned pro when it comes to keeping the ship on course. As an accomplished business founder, strategic planner, and operations executive, he is the only one that can keep us on track, especially when some of us want to go off and try distilling anything edible we can get our hands on.


Our Diamond in the Rough

Stuart is passionate about inclusivity, always wanting to make sure each and every guest is catered and cared for. Stuart uses this drive, and his wealth of experience in all things marketing and PR, to ensure we get to tell our story to other like-minded people.


The King of Europe

Our Head of UNE in the U.K and Europe, James is an ex-town planner, turned property developer, perfectly placed to help us expand globally. His passion for building solid structures means that our global network is off to a strong start.


The Queen of New Zealand

With a bachelor degree in psychology, Sophie understands everyone's different needs and what it takes to make everyone feel welcome. Sophie is our sales lead in New Zealand, as we take Brunswick Aces global, and is storming the palace... well the bar and restaurant scene... when it comes to our success across the ditch.


50% Chihuahua / 50% Jack Russell / 100% Adorable

Our CPC (Chief Possum Chaser) Minnie loves nothing more than belly rubs, getting cosy in bed in the distillery, and trying to climb trees to get those pesky possums.