For the first time, you'll be able to own part of our distillery, which makes 0% sapiir and 40% gin, as well as, part of Australia's first non-alcoholic bar.

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Brunswick Aces is raising capital to execute the second phase of its growth plan - fueling marketing and sales growth in existing markets, solidifying entry into three new key territories, and focusing on product range expansion. For this next phase, Brunswick Aces is forecasting incredibly strong year-on-year growth over the short term.


1. Leaders of the Conscious Drinking Movement in Australia
Having introduced Australia’s first non-alcoholic gin distillery, bar, and bottle shop, Brunswick Aces has cemented its positioning amongst the leaders of the Australian non-alcoholic beverage industry.

2. Accelerating Growth

Thanks to the bar opening, distillery expansion, and online store launch, Brunswick Aces more than tripled revenue in FY22, and are showing no signs of slowing down the growth of their core business.

3. National Distribution Agreement In Place

Brunswick Aces has signed a national ranging deal with Dan Murphy’s in September 2022, which has seen Spades Sapiir ranged in 240+ locations nationwide. Lines are also stocked in select BWS, Liqourland, IGA, Vintage Cellars, David Jones, and independent retailers.

4. International Expansion Already Underway

Outside of Australia, the brand is present internationally in New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Canada, with expansion plans set for the U.S, Asia, and MENA markets through 2022.

5. Premium, Award-Winning Brand

On top of producing Sapiir, Australia’s first non-alcoholic gin, Brunswick Aces also distills premium alcoholic gin - their Spades and Diamonds gins took home silver and bronze respectively at the 2022 Australian Gin Awards and Royal Australian Spirit Awards. Additionally, in 2021, their non-alcoholic bar was named one of Concrete Playground’s best new Melbourne spaces, after achieving the biggest hospitality launch covered by the media in over a decade.