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What is non alcoholic beer?
Alcohol free beer or non-alcoholic beer, is exactly that, beer without the alcohol. Most zero alcoholic beers contain 0.5% abv and under, which is the same as a kombucha, fruit juice, or an over ripe banana. Over the years the quality and options available have grown which means you can now find non-alcoholic beer in most styles, including sport beer, low calorie beer, craft beer and more.

What does non-alcoholic beer taste like?
The simplest answer is, non-alcoholic beer, tastes like beer. Due to the innovative production processes, which can include using a special type of yeast that stops producing alcohol early in the process, the final product doesn’t need any further treatment to de-alcoholise it. You will find most of the flavours you know and love in alcohol free beers from Australian producers and international brands. From lagers to sours, you’ll find one that suits your palate.

Which non-alcoholic beer is best?
Finding the best alcohol-free beer is always subjective. What flavours do you like, do you prefer drinking out of a bottle, can or glass, what occasion is it for, is it your first time drinking non-alcoholic beer, are you drinking it for health reasons, etc. Once you narrow down your purpose then you can begin the process of identifying whether you prefer the lighter taste of a larger, or something deeper like a stout, if you like citrus flavours then there are plenty of citrus infusions, or sour zero alcohol beer options to try. The Brunswick Aces team has put together some beer trial bundles to help you decide, you can try IPA, Pale Ale, Lager, Stout, and many more styles. Our best selling alcohol free beers come from Heaps Normal beer, Sobah beer, Molly Rose Brewing, Mornington Pale Ale, Carlton Zero beer, Heineken non-alchoholic beer. Our European alcohol free beers are also very popular, with alcohol free German beers Erdinger and Clausthaler proving popular.

Is non-alcoholic beer healthy?
The short answer is yes, it’s healthier than alcoholic beer. Numerous studies have shown the negative effects of alcohol on the body, from a variety of cancers, to weight gain, skin problems, impotence, fertility issues, heart, liver and brain damage, to name but a few. We think we’ll stick to the non-alcoholic stuff. Some alcohol free beers are actually good for you, after being infused with nutrients the body needs. Zero+ Pale Ale is enhanced with electrolytes, Upflow Lager is hypotonic and infused with magnesium, Erdinger contains vitamins B12 and folic acid, as well as polyphenols. Brunswick Aces has a wide range of products suitable for many health focuses, including low sugar, low calorie, and more.

Where can I buy non-alcoholic beer in Australia?
The best place to buy non-alcoholic beer in Australia is here at Brunswick Aces. You can buy online, or in our bottle shop, and better yet you can visit the bar and try a range of beers before you commit to a 4-pack or a slab. As well as get some advice from our team of experts who can guide you to your best alcohol free beer options.
Supermarkets and traditional bottleshops do have some zero alcohol beer ranging, but these are usually mainstream brands that aren’t always the best quality as they buy in bulk. By shopping with Brunswick Aces, you’ll be able to try new and different brands that you won’t find on the shelves of places like Dan Murphy’s and BWS. Brunswick Aces goal is to make everyone feel welcome at all occasions, so you’ll find a non-alcoholic beer suitable for all your needs.

What are Brunswick Aces’ best non-alcoholic beer recommendations?
We are huge fans of most beers so it’s really hard to pick our favourites out of everything available. Our team of experts have all agreed that these are the ones that you should definitely try on your quest to find your favourite alcohol free beer.

The Zythologist Citronium - Citrus elements from Lemondrop and El dorado hops are combined with bright Australian botanicals, such as Lemon Myrtle and Oldman’s Saltbush, to give this beer a layered citrus profile. A refreshing, citrus forward, alcohol free pale ale that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Parc Pilsner - Brewed in the timeless Czech style, it’s crisp and clean, and refreshingly bitter. With the addition of a healthy handful of noble hops, Parc is bursting with bright character and aroma. It’s clean and golden in colour with a subtle, yet balanced bitterness.

Mornington Free Pale Ale - Mornington Free is a non-alcoholic Pale Ale brewed with a unique recipe to ferment to less than 0.5% ABV while retaining full-bodied taste and bold passionfruit and citrus aromas. Pouring light golden, this deliciously easy-going beer is balanced and refreshing.

Erdinger - Erdinger Alkoholfrei not only tastes fantastic, but is also healthy – thanks to the vitamins B12 and folic acid, as well as the polyphenols it contains. With its isotonic properties, it provides the body directly with valuable ingredients and thus satisfies thirst even faster. It’s also low in calories, with just 125 kcal per 500ml.

Zero+ Sports Pale Ale - Australian Pale Ale style, a variety of Australian malts give a hint of caramel character which is balanced nicely with Australian hops leading to a pleasant and refreshing clean finish. Hard to believe it is alcohol-free.

Heaps Normal XPA - Heaps Normal's unfiltered non-alcoholic XPA carries tropical and citrus aromas. A subtle but noticeable malt sweetness with a well balanced and refreshing bitterness finish. The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA is a delicious, full of flavour, refreshing beer without the downsides.

Grüvi Stout - Gruvi start off their non alcoholic stout with abbey malt, traditionally known for its mild nuttiness and notes of honey. They then add roasted barley and chocolate malt, and brew it into a dry, full-bodied stout. This dark ale contains hints of toasted malt, along with mild oat and coffee notes. If you enjoy a dry, Irish stout, this is the beer for you.

If you really want to do thorough research then our ultimate beer sample pack is a great place to begin.