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ALTD Bushman’s G&T

ALTD Green Grocer alcohol free spirit bottle beside lemon and rosemary

There's no mistaking the Aussie slant to this alcohol free gin and tonic. You just need great tonic water and fresh garnish, such as cucumber, mint and/or rosemary. It's optional, but if you’re feeling ambitious, ALTD recommends also making an alcohol-free cucumber tincture by infusing cucumber peels, lavender & river mint in a vegetable glycerine. 

50 ml ALTD Spirits Green Grocer 
200 ml tonic water 
black pepper 
rosemary or thyme sprig 
cucumber tincture (optional)  

Run the garnish around the rim of a rocks glass. Fill the glass with ice and add ALTD Green Grocer and tonic water. Add garnish of choice and add a couple of drops of cucumber tincture if using.

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